Monaco Contemporary Fence Panel - 180cm x 180cm

Monaco Contemporary Fence Panels in size; 180cm High x 180cm Wide. Monaco Panels give you that stylish modern feel to any garden design. Made with 50mm thick rebated framing, dual faced, planed finish timber. All manufactured to a high standard and using Pressure Treated timber preservative. This preservative protects the timber from insect infestation, fungal decay and rot. The light green colour of the preservative will fade as the timber is exposed to weather conditions and further timber treatments will be required to enhance the appearance of the timber. Also available in 150cm Height. Can be fitted to timber posts or into slotted concrete posts (with the addition of timber extension pieces). Pressure treated chamfered top wooden posts also available, please call us for prices. 

Size: 180cm High x 180cm Wide 

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Monaco Contemporary Fence Panel - 180cm x 180cm

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