Landscaping, Patio, Building and Garden Supplies from Barton Fields

We provide everything you need for your Garden and Patio, from Slabs and Pavers through to Garden Ornaments and Benches. Barton Fields is a local supplier of all types of Landscaping and Building Supplies, and we ship across the UK.

Barton Fields Patio and Landscape Centre is a national supplier of landscaping and garden products based near Burton on Trent. Open 6 days and staffed by an efficient family business in order to provide you with a simple, confident & assured shopping experience. We are well known as a reputable supplier of quality natural stone paving, natural stone garden features and associated products. As direct importers from all over the world, we are able to offer these items at greatly reduced prices. 

Barton Fields beautifully maintained show site allows customers to meander at leisure through various product and garden displays and visualise the aesthetics, textures durability and suitability of the different paving and hardscaping. Many of these display gardens have been installed by local contractors in order to showcase their work along with the materials. Details of the contractors can be sourced at Barton Fields which makes it the ideal 'one stop shop' to start the journey of your new dream garden.

Natural Brazilian Slate Paving Tiles in Black:  Large Size; 800x800mm New
Brazilian Black Slate is a superb natural paving that features clean sawn edges and a natural surfac..
exc vat: £21.66
Natural Granite Bullnosed Steps in Graphite Grey - 600mm x 350mm x 40mm New
Graphite Granite Steps are produced from beautiful natural granite that is strong and dura..
exc vat: £24.99
Natural Granite Flat Pier Cap in Graphite Grey - 620mm x 620mm x 40mm New
Graphite Granite 620x620x40mm Flat Pier Caps that suit 2.5 Brick Pillars. Produced from be..
exc vat: £33.33
Natural Granite Flat Pier Cap in Graphite Grey - 500mm x 500mm x 40mm New
Graphite Granite 500x500x40mm Flat Pier Caps that suit 2 Brick Pillars. Produced from beau..
exc vat: £24.99
Natural Granite Flat Pier Cap in Graphite Grey - 400mm x 400mm x 40mm New
Graphite Granite 400x400x40mm Flat Pier Caps that suit 1.5 Brick Pillars. Produced from be..
exc vat: £20.83
Contemporary Charcoal Paving Cobble Setts . 10.5cm x 14cm Out Of Stock
Charcoal colour cobble setts, also available in Graphite Blend shade Sizes are 10.5cm x 14..
exc vat: £0.36
Natural Sawn Granite Cobble  Setts, Emperor Black - 10cm x 10cm x 4cm Out Of Stock
A Black Natural Cobble Granite Sawn Sett. These setts are sure to complement any natural stone pavin..
exc vat: £0.83
These are the silver variant of our Dark Grey Graphite Sawn Setts, and are great for use as a non sl..
exc vat: £0.75
Tumbled Block Paving Cobble Setts, Charcoal  10.5cm x 14cm Out Of Stock
Tumbled Block Paving Setts in Charcoal colour are a versatile manufactured landscape product wh..
exc vat: £0.36
Graphite Granite Copings are produced from beautiful natural granite that is strong and durable..
exc vat: £9.99