Delivery Information

Barton Fields (Patio & Landscape) Centre Ltd - 2022 Delivery Costs

The current lead time for deliveries via pallet courier is approximately 5 - 7 working days from placement of an order, please call for details.

The prices featured on this website exclude any delivery charges. To get a delivery estimate simply select the quantity of product that you require and then add your postcode to the 'Shipping Estimate' box on the product page or by using the 'Shipping Estimator' in your shopping cart. If you live locally to Barton Fields (Patio & Landscape) Centre Ltd, it would be best to call us on 01283 711288 or 01283 711309 to obtain a delivery quote as it may be cheaper than using the shipping estimator which is set to price nationwide deliveries.

Unless you live fairly close to Barton Fields (Patio & Landscape) Centre, we will usually deliver your order through the Pallet Courier Network which covers most of the postcodes within the UK and usually deliver Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 5.30pm.  Please take time to read the important notes regarding Pallet Courier Deliveries below. 

For all items except fencing, please refer to the first pricing table; 'Pallet Courier Deliveries'. For Fencing Items, please refer to the second delivery table; 'Fencing Products Delivery Section'. Bulk items such as large furniture sets may be priced through the pallet courier network, always check shipping estimator on the individual item for delivery cost.

Pallet Courier Deliveries - Charge is per pallet, not order -  Live Locally to Burton on Trent or Lichfield? Call us on 01283 711288/01283 711309.   

ChargePostcode of Delivery Address  - (Please read Pallet Courier Delivery notes below)

Zone 1: Pallet Charge;   £40.00 Per Pallet


Zone 2: Pallet Charge; £60.00 Per Pallet

B. BB. BD1-22, 97-99. BL. CH. CV. CW. DN1-12, 16-17, 21-22, 55. DY. HD. HU. HX. L. LE. LS. M. NG. NN. OL. PR. S. SK. ST. SY1-4. TF. WA. WF. WN. WR. WV.

Zone 3: Pallet Charge; £70.00 Per Pallet

AL. BA. BD23-24. BH. BS. CB. CF. CM. CO. CT. DH. DL. DN14-15, 18-20, 31-41. EN. FY. GL. GU. HA. HG. HP. HR. IG6-7, 9-10. IP. LA. LL11-14. LN. LU. ME. MK. NE. NP. NR. OX. PE. PO1-22. RG. SG. SL. SN. SO. SP. SR. SS. SY5-9, 12-15, 99. TS. UB. WD. YO.

Zone 4: Pallet Charge; £85.00 Per Pallet

BN. BR. CA. CR. DA. DT. IG1-8, 8, 11. KT. RH. RM. SM. TA1-3, 6-20. TN. TW.

Zone 5: Pallet Charge; £95.00 Per Pallet

E. EC. EH. EX. G. LL15-36, 40-41, 57. ML1-7. N. NW. SA1-18, 80, 99. SE. SW. TA4-5, 21-24. W. WC. 

Zone 6: Pallet Charge; £110.00 Per Pallet

AB. DD. DG. FK. IV1-28, 30-32, 36, 55-56, 63, 99. KA1-26, 29-30. KW1-3, 5-14. KY. LD. LL37-39, 42-49, 51-56, 58-78. ML8-12. PA1-19, 21-38, 80. PH1-41, 49-50. PL. SA19-20, 31-48, 61-73. SY10-11, 16-25. TD. TR. TQ.

If you do not see your postcode; Please telephone our Sales Office on 01283 711288 for a Delivery Price.

Fencing Products Delivery Charges - Per Order, not Per Pallet


Postcode of Delivery Address

Zone 1: Delivery Charge; £40.00 

B77-79, DE11-15, WS13-15

Zone 2: Delivery Charge; £60.00

DE1, 3, 21-24 & 65, WS7-9

Zone 3: Delivery Charge; £80.00

B1-76, 80, 90-99, CV, DE4-5, 7, 55-56, 72-75 & 99, DN, NG, LE, LN, S, SK, ST, WS1-6 & 10-12

Zone 4: Delivery Charge; £150.00

AL, BA, BB, BD, BH, BL, BN, BR, BS, CA, CB, CF, CH, CM, CO, CR, CT, CW, DA, DE45, DH, DL, DY, E, EN, FY, GL, GU, HA, HD, HG, HP, HR, HU, HX, IG, IP, KT, L, LA, LS, LU, M, ME, MK, N, NE, NN, NP, NR, NW, OL, OX, PE, PO, PR, RG, RH, RM, SE, SG, SL, SM, SN, SO, SP, SR, SS, SW, SY1-9 & 12-15, TA, TF, TN, TS, TW, UB, W, WA, WD, WF, WN, WR, WV, YO

Zone 5: Delivery Charge£240.00

DG, DT, EH, EX, FK1-7 & 10, G, KA, KY, LD, LL, ML, PA1-19, PL, SA, SY10-11, 16-20 & 23-25, TD, TR, TQ

Postcode not listed;      

Please contact our sales office for a quote on delivery - 01283 711288

General Delivery Information

At Barton Fields we sell a huge range of different and diverse products, many of which are heavy and over-size. Delivery options are not always a formality thus we need to consider the options and liaise with our contacts nation-wide in order to ascertain the best delivery method at the best price for the customer. Options include Mechanical Off-Load such as Lorry Mounted Crane or Moffat (Fork-lift) vehicles, the Pallet Courier network or dedicated 'Van and Driver' courier service. 

If you live locally to our centre (here in the Midlands) we may be able to deliver the goods on our own 18 Tonne GVW Lorry Mounted Crane Vehicle. For this service we charge a one off delivery fee that can sometimes work out better value than a pallet courier (the pallet courier charge is calculated per pallet up to 950kg - not as a one off fee) 

We may also be able to offer the Crane service nation-wide if your order is a large bulk load. For example, 15 packs of block paving or more. In this situation, orders can be delivered direct from the manufacturers premises.

Please Note: Stated delivery dates are a notification of intent and not a guarantee of delivery, Barton Fields Ltd cannot be held responsible where a delivery subsequently fails to arrive due to circumstances beyond our control. 


Nation-Wide Pallet Courier Delivery

Pallet Courier Delivery: The delivery would be made via a pallet courier using a rigid axle lorry up to 18 Tonnes GVW which is similar in size to a Fire Engine/Refuse Collection Lorry although it may be larger. Please be aware that good access is required at your property for the driver to safely unload any goods that are being delivered with drainage manholes, narrow frontages and or overhanging trees being potential problems. The pallet courier lorry has a tail-lift whereby the driver offloads your order with a hand operated pallet truck and puts the order onto your frontage assuming it is fairly level hard standing such as concrete, tarmac or block paving etc. The driver would be unable to offload onto loose material such as gravel, lawn, grass or soil or where the ground is too steep for safe offload. Where no suitable driveway or frontage is available, goods may be left at the kerbside and the further movement of the goods will be the responsibility of the buyer. Pallet courier deliveries usually take 4 - 6 working days from placement of an order for a stock item and are normally made between the hours of 08.00 – 18.00, Monday to Friday. Certain products such as bespoke ornamental stoneware may be subject to delivery lead times of up to 4 - 6 weeks during busy periods, please check with our sales office to confirm delivery eta. 

Please see below a video explanation of the delivery method used to distribute pallets nation-wide.

Crane Lorry Deliveries

Barton Fields Ltd operates its own 18 Tonne GVW lorry mounted Crane vehicle for local deliveries which is about the same size as a Fire Engine/Refuse Collection Lorry. Please be aware that good access is required at your property for the driver to safely unload any goods that are being delivered with drainage manholes, narrow frontages and or overhanging trees being potential problems. The goods will be off-loaded by a mechanical crane to the frontage of your property where the driver deems it safe to do so. The driver may refuse to perform, with the full support of Barton Fields Ltd, any manoeuvre or action that he / she feels is un-safe or could potentially cause injury to persons or damage to goods and or property. Any request for the driver to drive onto your property is done so at the customers own discretion and any subsequent damage to the property will incur no liability to the driver or Barton Fields Ltd. Local deliveries of stocked items usually take 3 – 5 working days from placement of an order although this may be longer during busy periods especially through the summer months. Always check stock availability and delivery lead times with our office prior to starting any works to avoid disappointment. Local deliveries are usually made during the hours of 08.00 – 16.30, Monday – Friday.   

Larger Loads


An articulated lorry may be used for larger / bulk orders and these are particularly large vehicles that again require very good access to the property frontage. Goods will be offloaded by either a lorry mounted mechanical crane or Moffat fork-lift truck.   

Van and Driver Courier Service

Deliveries of large or bulky goods (Such as fence panels etc.) that we are unable to deliver ourselves or through the pallet courier network may be delivered by a dedicated transport courier service. This type of delivery usually takes 7 – 14 working days from placement of an order although this may be longer during busy periods. Always check stock availability and delivery lead times prior to starting any works to avoid disappointment.