Water Features for Garden and Patio

Water Features for Garden and Patio

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We've got a great range of attractive water featres for your garden or patio area, These include the fantastic drilled monoliths, stone fountains, spheres, and other ranges. Each is made from diffferent material from natural stone of various types, to granite. Spheres tend to come in the harder stone such as granite or limestone, whereas the more irregular type of water feature is natural stone. Fountains are either cast concrete, natural limestone, or occasionally granite.

Whatever the purpose, all water features present a striking impact in any modern or traditional garden, depending on which look you are going for. 

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Well Head, Sandstone -10%

Well Head, Sandstone

Natural Sandstone Well Head Garden Feature. A beautiful stoneware product carved out of natural Sand..

£1,999.00 £1,799.00
Ex Tax: £1,499.17

Grey Slate Pre-Drilled Monolith Water Feature: 1130mm High

A Natural Pre-Drilled Grey Slate Water Feature. Natural Slate is ideal for use as a s..

Ex Tax: £290.83

Pink Marble Monolith Water Feature, Pre-Drilled : 550mm

A Natural Pink Marble Pre-Drilled Monolith. Monoliths are great for that stunning water feature..

Ex Tax: £165.83