Cobblestones vs Paving Stones : What are the differences?

Posted by John Doe 22/08/2023 0 Comment(s) Paving, Slabs and Pavers,

We will explore the difference between cobblestones, cobblestone setts, and paving stones. All are common types of materials used for paving driveways, patios, and other outdoor surfaces. We will also look at what cobblestone setts and paving slabs are, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both. Finally, we will discuss some of the uses and applications of cobblestones and paving stones in different settings.

What are cobblestones?

Cobblestones as pretty much the same as rounded stones from a river bed, and are typically either set in sand or similar material, or are bound together with a concrete mix. They have the advantage of immediately draining water, and not getting muddy in wet weather or dusty in dry weather.. ?They are generally uneven, noisy, and hard to walk on.

What are Cobblestone Setts?

Cobblestone setts are cut into uniform square sizes while cobbles keep their natural rounded shape. Setts have a finish that complements modern spaces, such as driveways and patios. They differ from cobbles in both their usage and their shape.  Setts are the clean cut cobblestones that you will see around most patios and gardens.

What are paving stones?

Paving stones as flat stones used to pave a pathway, such as a driveway or patio area. They are larger than cobblestones and feature a more uniform shape, although decorative shapes such as circles etc are available. Paving stones come in a variety of square, rectangle, circles, hexagons, and more.

What are paving slabs?

Paving slabs as large flat stones used to pave larger areas, such as patios or courtyards.They can be made of concrete, natural stone, or porcelain. Paving slabs offer a smooth and level surface, but may require more maintenance than cobblestones or setts.

Which to go for?

It all depends on your requirements, aesthetics, and practicality. Whatever option you go for, you'll have a driveway or patio that will ast many years. Cobblestones and paving stones are both popular options for paving outdoor surfaces. They have different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages that should be considered before making a decision. Cobblestones are more suitable for rustic or historical settings, while paving stones are more versatile and modern. Cobblestone setts and paving slabs are variations of these materials that offer different finishes and sizes. Depending on your budget, style preference, and functional needs, you can choose the best material for your project.