Product Information

Product sizes

All sizes and dimensions given on the Barton Fields Ltd website are nominal and for guidance purposes only. All manufactured products are subject to manufacturing tolerances especially where products have riven surfaces and fettled edges. For further information regarding product sizes please contact our sales office.


Product Photographs

The colours depicted on the website are provided by the use of modern technology and therefore where possible it is best to view the products in person before purchasing. Changes in ambient light as well as differing camera angles can make the colour and texture of products appear lighter or darker than they actually are. 

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is an ideal, hard wearing landscape material. All natural products will vary in colour and texture to some degree and may carry slight imperfections. Intrinsic features such as tonal blending and contrasting veining can also be present within natural stone and it is therefore important where possible to view the products in person before purchase. It is also important to seal some natural stone products before grouting and general use, please call our sales office for further advice.


Manufactured Products

Manufactured products are designed to replicate natural stone by using natural aggregates and pigments where some colour/texture variation between batches can occur. Where possible products should be used from the same batch or where larger projects are concerned, products should be laid from several packs to obtain a good mix of the products. Porcelain products require a slurry primer applied to the underside BEFORE bedding on mortar or adhesive, please ask for details when ordering. Decorative products will always ‘weather’ over a period of time. Movement of the slabs during transit may leave 'scuffing' marks on the face of the slabs, this is only a temporary issue which will disappear with time.   





Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon that can appear on any landscape paving products as white patches or a discolouration of the surface, which seems to disappear when wet. It is formed by a natural chemical reaction between cement and water which causes lime deposits to migrate through damp concrete to the paving surface which then react with carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and results in a surface deposit of salt crystals. Efflorescence is very unpredictable from one product and batch to the next but should disappear with the weathering process over a period of time.


Barton Fields Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for the effect of efflorescence within their product range. Efflorescence is a naturally occurring phenomenon and is recognised as a characteristic of all good quality products with a high cement content.